Indiba ELITE NS ~ Excellent Condition ~ Fully operational ~

Indiba ELITE NS ~ Excellent Condition ~ Fully operational ~

$29,995 + Shipping Cost

Edina, MN

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MFG: Indiba


Serial Number: 20E39****

Includes: Elite NS Unit, powercord, 4 massaging attatchemnts, 9 circular electrode attatchments, and return plate. 

Handpieces: Capacitive Handpiece for face and vascularized tissue.

Resistive Handpiece for fat and fibrotic tissues

Notes from the MNFG: INDIBA┬« Deep Care uses monopolar radiofrequency at a specific frequency of 448 kHz. Research shows that the stable 

frequency of 448 kHz allows you to achieve three different treatment effects along with their associated results:

Hyperactivation (hyperthermal) Breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell 

metabolism and encourages collagen production.

Vascularization (thermal) Dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, oxygenates tissues and cells, increases cell metabolism

and encourages drainage.

Biostimulation (sub-thermal) Activates the cell metabolic rate, increases blood circulation and activates fibroblasts. The 

possibility of working in subthermia using only the electric effect makes Elite NS a truly versatile device.

Condition: Excellent, Fully operational. No errors. 


ModelElite NS