MFG:	Cutera
MODEL:	XEO with Full YAG( Laser Genesis, Hair emoval, Leg Veins, Facial veins) + Prowave + LP560

Software:	3.8.2 on the console and 3.1.0 on the Hand pieces
Includes:	XEO, Power cord, footswitch, Interlock, Manual, Patient and Operator eye wear
Hand  Pieces Included:	1) YAG   2) Prowave  3) LP560
Applications available:	Limelight, LP 560  ( these are the hand pieces that the machine can run)
Shot Counts:	YAG: LP=1,213,230 : SP: 6,331,215
	Prowave: A) 10,881 B) 11,436 C) 140  LP: 250
	LP 560:  LP= 0  SP= 18,619
Condition:	The machine is fully operational and complete.  Maintained by Cutera under service contract.
	Single Owner System

Cutera XEO with Full YAG + LP560 + Prowave

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