MFG: Candela
MODEL: Vbeam Perfecta 595nm Pulsed dye laser
DOM: September, 2008
Serial Number: 9914-XXXXXXX
Includes: 2008 V beam Perfecta, Delivery System,
Spot sizes included: 3 x 10mm
  3 mm
  7mm PL
  10mm PL
Service History: Full Preventative Maintenance performed 6-26-18
  New Flash Lamp installed at PM
  New fiber installed at PM
  DI Filter Replaced
  Machine was fully callibrated and Cleaned
  Dye Kit replaced 10-10-18
Condition: The machine is in excellent condition. Fully operational. Excellent Power output.
  A copy of the service report is available to interested buyers.
  Cosmetically there are some scratches and imperfections on the body of the machine.
Shot Counts: Total: 87,481
  Treatment: 73,950
  Head: 18,731
  Dye: 624
HD Energy: 9269
HV Final: 2421
Fiber Efficiancy: 85.45%
What it treats: Acne Scars
  Facial & Spider Veins
  Leg Veins
  Pigmented Lesions
  Scar Treatment
  Striae (Stretch Marks)
  Vascular Lesions

2008 Candela Vbeam Perfecta

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