MODEL: Joule 7 with Halo and BBL
DOM: July, 2015
S/N: 14,957-06018
Includes: Key, Foot switch, Interlock, Manuals, Protocols, patient and operator Eyewear
  Smoke evacuator with hosing
Chiller: Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller w/ hose
Hand Pieces: 1) Halo
  2) BBL
  3) 1 x 2/3 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ distance guage
  4) 1 X 4/6 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ Distance guage
Note: Halo Hand piece is not being recognized by the system. Needs Service to work properly.
BBL Filters: 420, 515, 560, 590, 640, 695
Condition: System is in excellent condition. Halo Hand Piece is inoperable.
Recertification: Please note that to have the Halo serviced the machine will need to be recertified by Sciton.
  The fee to recertify is estimated at $35K plus the cost to repair the Halo Hand Piece.
  The sale price has been adjusted to reflect the repiar required for the Halo HP
Applications: Halo- Hybid Fractional Laser treatments 1470 and 2940nm
  BBL- Intense Pulsed Light ~ Pigmented lesions, Vascular Lesions Acne, Hair removal
Note: We have no affiliation to Sciton. This is being sold by Midwest Medical LLC

2015 Scitoon Joule w/ Halo and BBL

$175,000.00 Regular Price
$98,000.00Sale Price