MFG:	Continuum Biomedical
MODEL: Medlite IV Tattoo removal laser 4 wavelengths: 1064, 532, 650 and 585nm
DOM: May, 1998
Serial Number: MIV 065
Includes: Medlite IV, Key, Power cord, Foot Switch, Articulated arm, Manual
Hand Piece: 1064/532 multiple Spot Size Hand Piece
Dye Hand Pieces: Red= 650 nm Yellow=585nm
Condition: The machine was serviced and inspected 11/2015 by an accredited Laser service Company.
A copy of the inspection report is available for interested buyers.
The machine was found to be fully operational and meeting specifications.
Specifications: Laser mdium: Nd-Yag and Dye Impregnated Polymers
Parameters: Q-Switched, Doubled Frequency
Spot Sizes:
1064nm= 3,4,6,,8 mm
532nm=2,3,4,6 mm
585=2,3 mm
650nm=2,3 mm

Medlite IV Tattoo removal laser 4 wavelengths: 106

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