MFG: Sciton
MODEL: Profile upgraded to Joule w/ Erbium Contour 2940 Profractional XC, MLP, Skin resurfacing
DOM: August, 2009
S/N: XX, XXXX-6000
Voltage: 220 V, 30 AMP
Software: 624-06, REV P
Includes: Key, Interlock, Large color Screen, foot switch, Manual PDF
  drain/ fill kit, operator eye wear
  1 x Profractional XC Scanner
  1 x Erbium Contour TRL Scanner ( Micro laser Peel Scanner)
  1 x 2/3 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ distance gauge
  1 X 4/6 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ Distance gauge
Condition: Excellent condition, Single owner system.  Fully tested
  CPU upgraded by Sciton 2019 
  Sciton Upgraded SW to Joule SW Level 624
  Only serviced by Sciton
  Videos available of the system running for interested buyers.
Warranty: 30 days parts and labor( Note the warranty is from Midwest Medical, LLC, Edina, MN)
Note: We have no affiliation to Sciton.  This is being sold by Midwest Medical LLC, Edina, MN.
Applications: Erbium: Micro Laser Peel, Skin Resurfacing, Single Spot, Profractional skin resurfacing

Sciton Profile/Joule w/ Erbium 2940 Profractional XC MLP

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$29,750.00Sale Price