Here are the specifications:



MFG: Sciton
MODEL: Profile w/ Erbium 2940 Profractional XC , 1064 YAG, 1319 & BBL  
DOM: October, 2004 
Serial Number: XXXXXX-2624
Software: 2011 524.08
Includes: Sciton Profile , Key, Articulating arm, Foot switch
  Communication Cable, Power cord, Protocols, Manual
  Sciton Mini liquid Chiller with hose and Power cord
  Smoke evacuator
 Scanners and HP's: 1 x Profractional XC Scanner
  1 x TRL Micro Laser Peel Scanner
  1 x High Frequency  Hair removal Scanner
  1 x BBL Hand Piece
  1 x 2/3 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ distance gauge
  1 X 4/6 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ Distance gauge
BBL Filters Included: 420, 515 ,560, 590, 640,  
Condition: The machine is fully operational and meeting OEM Specifications.
  The machine was upgraded by Sciton in 2011.
  The Screen is a large color that is indicative of a Joule Model
  The machine was upgraded to run Profractional XC scanner
Warranty: 30 days parts and labor (Note the warranty is from Midwest Medical, LLC, Edina, MN)
Note: We have no affiliation to Sciton.  This is being sold by Midwest Medical LLC, Edina, MN.
  Erbium:  Profractional skin resurfacing, Micro Laser Peel,  Laser resurfacing
  BBL: Intense Pulsed Light ~ Pigmented lesions, Vascular Lesions, Acne,  
  YAG 1064:  Clearscan- Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments
  Thermascan 1319: Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars and skin tone and texture

Sciton Profile w/ Erbium 2940 Profractional XC , 1064 YAG, 1319 & BBL