MFG: Sciton
MODEL: Profile w/ Erbium Contour 2940 Profractional XC , BBL w/ ST
DOM: December, 2008
Serial Number: XXXXXX-60008
Includes: 2008 Sciton Profile, Key, Articulating arm, Foot swicth,Scanner Cable, Power cord, Protocols, Manuals
Scanners: and Hand Pieces: 1 x Profractional XC Scanner
  1 x LAPG Erbium Contour TRL Scanner
  1 x 2/3 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ distance guage
  1 X 4/6 mm Single Spot Hand Piece w/ Distance guage
  1 x BBL Hand Piece
BBL Filters Included: 420, 515, 560, 590, 640, 695 and ST
BBL Adapters: Yes
Condition: Fully operational System. No errors, no faults. Excellent Cosmetic Condition.
  Single Owner system, Inspections welcome.
  Preventative Maintenance Performed 4-2018.
  Service work performed 8-18-18- Repair for bad touch screen. At this time a remanufactured CPU was installed.
  The machine was fully calibrated and tested.
  The machine was found to be fully operational and meeting OEM specifications.
  Here are the head efficiencies that weere recorded at the time of service:
  Efficiency for BBL was recorded at 17.121. Spec is at >15.
  Efficiency for Erbium was recorded at 972. Spec is at <1300.
  Both heads are operating well within OEM specifications.
Warranty: 30 days parts and labor( Note the warranty is from Midwest Medical, LLC, Edina, MN)
Note: We have no affiliation to Sciton. This is being sold by Midwest Medical LLC, Edina, MN.
Applications: BBL: Acne, Pigmented Lesions, Vascular Lesions, Hair removal, Skin Tightening
  Erbium: Micro Laser Peel, Skin Resurfacing, Single Spot, Profractional skin resurfacing

Sciton Profile w/ Erbium Contour 2940 Profractional XC , BBL w/ ST

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