MFG:	Sciton
MODEL: Profile w/ Dual 1064 nm, Erbium Contour 2940 nm, Themascan 1319 and BBL w/ ST
DOM: July, 2006
Serial Number: 10,782-26208
Includes: 2006 Profile, Key, Articulating arm, Foot swith,Scanner Cable, Power cord, Protocals, Manuals
6 x operator eye wear
Chiller: Sciton Mini-Chiler with hose and power cord
Smoke Evacuator: Buffalo Whisper with hose and filter
Scanners: and Hand Pieces: 1 x LAPG Telecentric Scanner 2940nm
1 x High Fluence Integrated Scanner for ClearScan/ThermaScan
1 x 25 mm Sapphire Cooling Window
1 x 50 mm Sapphire Cooling Window
1 x 2/3 mm Vascular Hand Piece w/ distance guage
1 X 4/6 mm Vascular Hand Piece w/ Distance guage
1 x BBL Hand Piece
BBL Filters Included: 420, 515, 560, 590, 640 and ST
BBL Adapters: Yes
BBL Shots: 19,222
Erbium Shots: 690,000
YAG 1064 Shots: 200,000
1319 Thermascan Shots: 6,000
Condition: Fully operational System. No errors, no faults. Single owner system.
Applications: BBL: Acne, Pigmented Le

Sciton Profile with 1064, Erbium, 1319 and BBL

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