MFG: Viora
MODEL: Reaction bi-polar multi-RF technology aesthetic device
DOM: June 15th, 2011
Includes: Power Cord, DVD, infrared Thermometer
Hand Pieces: The machine includes 3 total Hand pieces.
  Body and Face Hand Pieces have 6000 minutes ( 100 Hours) loaded on them for clinical use.
Hand Piece Type: 1) Body Contour Minutes remaining--4,789
  2) Facial Contour Minutes remaining--3,784
  3) Skin Tightening Minutes remaining--56,788
Condition: Machine is in excellent condition, Meets OEM specifications. Machine is complete and ready for use.
Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Voltage: 115 Std. US Plug
Notes from MFG: Reaction is a non-invasive, all-in-one solution for the most popular medical aesthetic procedures.
  Reaction by Viora – bi-polar multi-RF technology aesthetic device, featuring vacuum therapy
  offers quick, safe treatments for various conditions, with optimal clinical results.
  Reaction’s cutting edge CORE technology, applies an advanced combination of RF
  and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective body and facial treatments on the market.
  Now that you can control penetration depth, target different tissues for various treatments, and
  attain efficacy temperatures faster, your treatment sessions become shorter,
  saving you time and allowing you to work with more patients
  Reaction™ is FDA cleared for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, relief of minor muscle spasm,
  and temporary improvement of local blood circulation.

Viora Reaction Body contouring and Wrinkle reduction

$13,500.00 Regular Price
$9,990.00Sale Price